Our Swim Club prices vary between €32 and €60 per month paid by direct debit. The direct debit comes out at the start of every month. The club season is 10 months long from September through to June. There is a €75 registration fee at the start of the season which includes Swim Ireland registration required for galas (competitions).

We also run a Swimfit group which is for swimmers who do not wish to swim competitively or who are not at the required level to swim competitively but would like to train each week. The cost of this is €36 (Siblings €32) per month.

Swan Leisure Swim Club Squad Fees


Weekly Hours

Fees (per month)

Senior (14+)

6h 15m

€40 (Siblings €36)

Development (10-14)

9h 30m

€60 (Siblings €54)

Junior (9-12)

6h 45m

€60 (Siblings €54)

Junior Development (7-10)

3h 45m

€48 (Siblings €43)

Pre Club (6-8)

3h 00m

€48 (Siblings €43)

Swim Fit (10-16)

2h 15m

€36 (Siblings €32)