Child Protection

The Swim Ireland Child Policy is an important document, referenced in our club rules and whose procedures we follow.

It aims to provide child safety information in a clear and concise manner so that we can all understand and follow the necessary procedures to ensure the welfare of children always.

The latest policy and procedure booklet can be found below.

We expect that our swimmers are training in a safe environment.

Pool-sitting is a vital component of Swim Ireland’s Supervision Policy and it is important that everybody within the club works to ensure that the correct safeguards are in place for everyone’s protection.

Pool-sitting is an important responsibility as defined within our club rules. The Roster and Responsibilities for pool-sitting are available below.

In the absence of a pool-sitter the associated training session may be cancelled. This impacts all coaches, swimmers and parents who would be attending that session.

It is the named pool-sitters responsibility to find a replacement in the event that they cannot attend – forgetting or expecting another parent from the spectator area to fill in is not acceptable – if you cannot find a replacement then you are obliged to attend.