Poolsitting Duties

Pool-sitters must:

  • Arrive on time and be seated before the training session starts
  • Sign the Pool-Sitting Book (located at Swan Leisure Reception) with your name and the correct date. If you have swapped with someone, please sign your own name, but also note in brackets the name of the person originally scheduled to be there.
  • Sit in the viewing gallery or cafĂ© facing the swimming pool
  • Note any incidences in the Pool-Sitting Book under your name (e.g. If a child feels unwell, if a child leaves the pool early, if the session ends early, or if anything unusual happens).
  • Ensure all swimmers have left the water before you leave the poolside. Note: If a swimmer gets out of the pool because they feel unwell, please keep checking that all is OK in the changing village until the parent arrives. It is OK to read during pool-sitting sessions, but please remember to check that all is well every few minutes.