Swan Swim Club prides ourselves in our ability to provide comprehensive training programme in and out of the water-based on the latest thinking in Swim Ireland’s Long Term Athlete Development programme.

Our water-based training follows clear performance pathways dependent on the swimmers’ ability and commitment to the sport. We aim to maximise every swimmer’s potential no matter their aims and goals.

Head Coach

Vlad Zhyvytskyi

Vlad began swimming at the age of 7 in Ukraine.  He then joined his local swimming club and progressed to competing on National level.

Vlad loves swimming and likes to share his passion for the water by teaching other swimmers to love it as much as he does.

Vlad is passionate about the ‘TEAM’ culture across the whole swimming club. 

Swimming brings so many skills to each individual, which goes beyond the technical aspects and into life skills that are taught through the commitment and dedication required to be a successful swimmer. 

Vlad’s philosophy is based on a strong focus of technique, skills and teamwork to give swimmers a solid foundation for long term development as an athlete into their senior swimming years.

Swim Coach

Raine Rodrigues

Raine has been involved in swimming for almost all her life. Her swimming journey started in her local club in first as a swimmer, then as a teacher and coach.

Originally from Brazil where she graduated in Physical Education and also gained her swimming instructor qualifications. She is a dynamic individual with a passion for being challenged. Very patient, enthusiastic, and supportive to all her students.

Her coaching philosophy is to inspire and make everyone love swimming as much as she does.

swim Coach

Amy Gorman

Amy has come from a background in swimming, having competed throughout her childhood and reaching a National level. She loves the water and hopes to encourage all kids to continue swimming and enjoy the experience just as much as she does.

Amy loves to help others achieve their goals and spread a passion for swimming. She believes that swimming is more than a sport and coaching is about more than training a swimmer. She is an enthusiastic coach with a life-long passion for health, fitness and learning. She loves to help her swimmers achieve their goals by working together and places great importance on the value of a supportive team atmosphere.