Poolside Duties

Parent Poolside duties

  • It is a requirement of Swim Ireland that one parent/adult attends each club session (poolside or dry-land sessions) in addition to the coach, for child safety and welfare reasons.
  • To enable this, a rota is created each month with a parent allotted to each swim session. This is sent out monthly via the Swim Club Whatsapp groups for each squad and also by email.  Parents should make a note of what session they need to attend.   If they are not able to make a session allocated to them, it is their responsibility to arrange a swap in advance via their squad Whatsapp group.
  • If no parent is present, the Coach is obliged to cancel the swim session for all children.  


Requirements of the parent on duty: 

  • At the beginning of the swim session, the Parent on duty should ask at reception for the rota (a grey notebook).
  • Sit in the viewing gallery before the training session starts.
  • Note the date and session time, number of swimmers, coach name, and sign their name. If the parent has swapped with someone, they should also note in brackets the name of the person originally scheduled to be there.
  • Take note of children leaving and returning to the pool, e.g. a child should return to the pool after visiting the toilet. Record any incidents out of the ordinary such as if a child feels unwell, if a child leaves the pool early, if a session ends early etc. Note:  If a swimmer leaves the pool because they feel unwell, ensure someone stays with the child until the parent arrives or contact the parent depending on circumstances.
  • In case of emergency, help coach by being an extra adult to supervise children or to assist with response to emergency.
  • Ensure all swimmers have left the water before leaving the poolside.
  • Return the rota to reception at the end of the session.